Goods on consignment

The custom warehouse for your goods on consignment

We provide you with over 3,000 square metres of warehouse space for goods on consignment. We take care of everything , from when you decide to entrust us with your goods until they arrive at destination:

  • Goods inward/outward management
  • Packing list
  • Packing
  • Stock management

If you have goods to be stored but do not want to spend money in renting the premises and personnel necessary for their handling and safety, you can ask for goods on consignment.

We offer a both short as well as long-term goods on consignment service for your products in monitored areas.

Our many years of experience in logistics and warehouse management mean we are able to offer a personalised service to suit your storage needs. We ensure the utmost care, the best facilities and solutions for all types and quantities of goods.

Our staff and our security and video surveillance systems carefully monitor all logistics phases, from loading and unloading to handling and storage of goods. We know how important storage and transport is for your business, so we ensure total integrity of the products entrusted to us and utmost compliance with shipping deadlines. For us your goods are valuable.

If you own a company whose logistic areas are not big enough to accommodate your production or if you have decided to enter the wholesale market, our company will listen to all your requests and give you the best options to satisfy them.

Among the several services offered by our company to customers, there are the following:

  • Third party storage
  • Goods on consignment

Thanks to our experience of several years in this field, to our professionalism and to the work of our efficient and expert collaborators, we can offer you the most suitable solutions to develop your market and your Company in the best way possible.

Third party storage service

If your company does not have suitable logistic areas and you are not willing to take the risk of buying or renting property, our service could result very interesting for you. We collect your goods, we store and deposit them following the most accurate procedures of storage and security. Our deposits are structured and equipped to preserve any kind of goods.

We give the opportunity to accompany the third party storage with other services ranging from the preparation of goods: packaging, labelling, assembly to the complete distribution in the entire territory.

While maintaining a high level of service, we guarantee a better optimization of the work, with significant savings in time and management costs.

Consignment account

Do you want to create a distribution network in the territory? The consignment account could do for you, with us you have the chance to put yourself in the hands of a team that, thanks to the work performed over the years, has a long experience in the logistics sector.  

The consignment account is a very flexible service that offers benefits to both the supplier and the distributor. Our job is to listen to your ideas and offer you the best market solutions.

Your products will be delivered to our deposits, and after their storage they will be registered and placed in storage in complete safety, for long or short periods, depending on your needs. We will inform you of every withdrawal performed by the several distributors and we will update you on the actual status of your products, send you detailed documentation of withdrawals and of the goods still in stock.

The consignment account represents a very profitable system both for the supplier and the distributor, as it allows the former to reduce the warehouse area of the company and, at the same time, to find more easily the distributors and it allows the latter to benefit from a reduction of costs of management and of the financial asset.