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VAT deposit, we take care of everything

We have been taking care of organising the movement of goods between one country and another for many years and coordinating today an international shipment is no longer just a matter of logistics and journey planning but also requires the management of customs issues. We have all the tax requirements, established by law, to be a provider of VAT deposit service.

For your VAT customs storage:

  • possibility of carrying out certain transactions without payment of VAT
    (paragraph 4 - art. 50/bis Decree Law 33/1993)
  • possibility of facilitated VAT payment when the goods leave the warehouse

(paragraph 6 art. 50/bis Decree Law 33/1993)

VAT deposit allows you to simplify VAT obligations in the case of inter-EU imports or purchases. It thus constitutes a tax benefit which allows you to defer payment of VAT to when the goods are actually placed on the market and are no longer in storage (there is no minimum storage period).

This is an important transaction for all companies importing goods, which can use this tool to defer payment of VAT and thus facilitate trade relations between EU countries.

Our team, constantly up to date on all customs regulations issues, personally takes care of all customs procedures and operations you need for the transport and storage of your goods. 

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