Picking and logistics

Picking for optimisation of logistics

We operate over 3,000 square metres of highly structured warehouse space which can accommodate a wide variety of different products, both in terms of type as well as quantity.
For all product varieties we can guarantee an effective , fast and safe integrated logistics service, including picking. Indeed, we take care of:

  • Goods sorting according to product references and characteristics and customer needs
  • warehouse and stock management
  • picking
  • goods packing and packaging

We guarantee complete selection and delivery of goods throughout Italy within 24-72 hours.

Picking actually refers to loading or selection of goods in a warehouse , it is therefore a typical function of inventory logistics management.
Picking is only one of the many logistics services, which involves taking part of the goods of an original load and selecting them effectively (indeed the term picking means "selecting").
The objective is to optimise warehouse management, so as to facilitate order preparation and shipping, as well as making handling of both small and large dimension goods easier and faster.
Picking also facilitates the fundamental monitoring of inventory flow, stock taking and control of goods inward and outward.

We also combine this with other activities such as packing and packaging, always with the aim of improving inventory management. Our qualified and experienced team is able to properly plan and manage all logistics activities in a safe, reliable and fast manner.

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