Goods labelling

Customised labelling for your goods

The logistics and warehousing service is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism by our experienced and qualified staff and includes goods packing and packaging, customised labelling, preparation of any accompanying documents, handling of goods in the warehouse and inventory control.

The labelling service is essential for smooth logistics management, since it provides:

  • immediate availability of all the information useful for collection and delivery of goods;
  • the possibility of detailed tracking of goods and monitoring of their movement;
  • rapid identification of the manufacturer of the goods in stock

Labels are, in fact, used for shipping, stock taking, monitoring and tracking of products. Only in this way can we offer an absolutely safe and guaranteed logistics service, with easy and constant control of all storage areas, monitoring all goods handling operations.

Labelling of incoming goods must also indicate their general characteristics and any customer requirements on individual products. We provide a personalised service, created according to the characteristics of the goods you entrust to us, to their delivery destination (according to current legislation) and to your needs, within the agreed budget and timing. 

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