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Our company has always been a leader in the logistics and transportation sector.

We are synonymous with experience and professionalism, thanks to a team of serious and trained figures that are available to the customers. You will be recommended the best plan to develop and organize your company.
Our trademark is accuracy and precision, which are crucial to optimize time and costs.

Gestione Magazzino

Our company offers services of complete warehouse management: goods storage, controlled-temperature goods storage, modern picking system, order preparation, packaging and transport of goods in the entire territory.

Regarding the cold logistics, we have temperature-controlled warehouses and refrigerators.

Our temperature-controlled rooms allow the storage of food and non-food products.

Thanks to our structure, we are able to accommodate small and large volume of goods, managing them with the care and attention they require. Our cells allow to maintain the physical and qualitative integrity of goods.

All storage activities are performed with extreme precision in order to have a fast and excellent traceability and management of goods.

In addition to the storage of controlled-temperature products, we offer other useful services for the logistics of large or small companies.

For the development of a proper preparation of the orders, our greatest strength is our advanced picking system which is used within our facilities.

Our experience of several years allowed us to develop an updated picking system in order to make the withdrawal operations fast and effective; this has a positive effect not only on business efficiency but also on the level of service provided to customers.

Within our facilities our staff monitors and controls all the steps needed for the preparation of the orders, from the picking to the withdrawal of products. The products are inspected, registered, weighed and packed.

The goods are analysed and, on the basis of their characteristics, we choose the best material for their packaging, the most suitable one to ensure a smooth trip to the product, once prepared, and to make it travel in complete safety. In case of temperature-controlled goods, we are also able to pack them with jelly packs and thermal covers in order to ensure the maintenance of temperature in the critical stages of transfer.

Our ability of keeping up to date in every aspect of this sector made us who we are now.

Thanks to the use of the best technological devices available on the market for the logistics management we achieved excellent results to satisfy all the needs of our clients.

The quality with which we carry out our services makes us the ideal partners for those companies that need logistics solution.

If you are a company interested in our logistics services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you the most suitable information for your sector and, thanks to our collaboration, you will reach your goals. 

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