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For your customs warehouse, we take care of everything

We also take care of customs warehousing for the storage of goods in areas (warehouses) under the control of the Customs Agency so that your company can benefit from exemption from duties and other taxes until the time of importation of the goods.
Our staff will then take care of all the application procedures and documentation required to access this particular type of tax suspension:

  • documents relating to locations
  • documents relating to the company and legal representation
  • documentation supporting the economic justification.

We have customs warehouses for the introduction and storage of various foreign status goods with suspension of payment of customs duties. With customs warehousing, it is in fact possible to store non-EU goods any length of time, avoiding paying import duties.

There are numerous advantages in resorting to customs warehousing. Certainly financial in deferred payment of taxes (which are not paid if the goods are shipped outside the EU); goods are thus immediately available without burdensome taxation and immediately ready for rapid shipment.

We offer you a secure and quality customs warehousing service, carefully and precisely assisting you in all administrative and bureaucratic procedures, thanks to the many years of experience of our staff in the international transport, logistics and customs assistance field.

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