Goods customs clearance

For customs clearance, we take care of everything

International shipments for those countries outside the European Union must follow longer and more complex customs control procedures. We take care of all the bureaucratic operations for customs clearance of goods:

  • Consultancy and customs assistance of any kind
  • Tax representation for VAT purposes (for non-residents operating in the country)
  • Issue of ministerial of import/export licenses
  • Final import (goods of any origin)
  • Entry into free circulation (for goods of origin and/or coming from outside the EEC, which with the payment of duty take on the status of Community goods)

Our team consists of experienced and competent professionals, constantly updated on customs regulations and always ready to take care of all customs clearance and international shipping procedures outside the EU.

The standard procedure for customs clearance for both import and export involves, after the arrival of the goods, submission to customs, payment of duties, any follow-up inspection of goods and documents and, finally, release of the shipment. There is, however, the possibility of a local clearance procedure that makes the goods available to the customs declarant in advance and therefore speeds up the shipment. Our company, AEO certified, has the possibility to carry out electronic customs clearance using the local procedure for imports/exports.

We can also put a VAT tax representative at your disposal for the import of goods by companies not resident in the country.

Our department dedicated to international transport to and from Russia has over the years specialised in customs clearance of goods in the fashion, clothing and footwear industry, offering assistance for all import/export customs operations, with related export declarations, declarations of origin (made in), declarations of preferential or non-preferential origin of goods, etc.

Upon request we carry on issue of CITES documentation (Washington convention) as well as CITES Custom clearance at the NOC (Operational Unit Cites) of the Environmental Department at Custom Milano 3 – Linate Airport. 

We take care of everything, from when you entrust us with the goods for your international shipment until final destination. You will no longer have to worry about customs clearance operations in Italy, being able to rely on a safe, reliable and fast service.

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