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Our customs support services

Our company started as the Farotto Customs Agency in 1958 and over the years we have acquired specific skills in order to be able to offer a wide range of customs support services.

Assistenza Doganale

Our aim is to assist you in all transport phases and therefore also in the management of administrative customs procedures which require up-to-date knowledge of the legislation of the various countries. Indeed, we can count on a team of professionals always ready to help you in the various customs procedures and operations and in everything related to foreign trade.

We personally take care of:

  • customs advice and assistance
  • assistance in application for simplified procedures
  • fiscal representation
  • sureties and insurance procedures
  • VAT suspension deposits
  • assistance in application for AEO certificates

We are AEO certified, a certification recognised by companies for all those involved in activities regulated by customs regulations (shipping companies, custodians, customs procedure agencies, customs agents, carriers, importers) and who are qualified as being reliable and secure in the supply chain.

We can count on a team of experienced and competent professionals able to carefully and precisely assist you in all the customs operations that your shipment requires.

We want to go beyond your expectations and create a partnership together so that customs procedures will no longer be a problem for your company!

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