Dangerous goods ADR transport

We ensure your ADR dangerous goods transport in total safety.

  • We are SQAS -Safety and Quality Assessment System certified
  • In our team we have an ADR consultant always at your disposal
  • We have the right vehicles and skilled and experienced staff for transporting dangerous goods by road

A concrete sign of competence and professionalism is, in fact, SQAS certification for the transport of dangerous loads that require special measures and precautions. Our ADR consultant is then able to support you and propose the best solution for your transport.
We take care of everything, from the preparation of procedures and the route of the journey to verification and continuous monitoring of the transport until arrival at destination. Our team is composed of professionals who have years of experience in the industry and can optimally plan, implement and manage this particular type of shipment.

The transport of dangerous goods must be carried out with care and attention, it is crucial to plan everything down to the last detail and then constantly monitor transport to avoid risks. The transport of dangerous goods is subject to rules and regulations and requires special safety precautions, not only for the shipment but also for roads, tunnels and crossings that are different depending on the type of goods and the vehicles used.

We follow all the procedures in order to carry out your shipment according to the regulations and in total safety:

  • Collection of dangerous goods (goods sorting, verification of risk sheets that must comply and be consistent with the shipment instructions received)
  • Collection and preparation of all necessary documents according to legislation (which certify the product characteristics and specify the procedures to be followed in the event of an accident)
  • Identification of appropriate transport vehicles authorised to carry the dangerous goods and equipped with information panels (indicating the danger of the goods) and the necessary safety instruments according to the different classes of materials. 

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Dangerous Goods Adr Freight Transport