Pallet packaging

Your packaging - safe and made-to-measure

We manage over 3,000 square metres of warehouse space, offering a safe, reliable and made-to-measure logistics service. We know how important and valuable your goods are for your business, so we provide all the necessary guarantees for their complete protection during all storage and transport phases.

Imballaggio Pallet

We provide:

  • Pallet wrapping in transparent or black film
  • Box bundling with transparent or black shrink-wrap film
  • Customised strapping to increase transport safety

In case of picking, we personally prepare the boxes with the goods which we pack with filling materials (bubble wrap, packing paper, etc.) and then close and seal.
Packaging is a fundamental aspect for the safety of your goods!

We use only the best solutions and most suitable materials for packaging the goods entrusted to us.
Strapping, for example, is done exclusively with quality straps, customised with our logo and text, essential for sealing boxes or combining and tying several parcels together, so as to facilitate transport with total inaccessibility.

Over the years, we have acquired the know-how, professionalism and flexibility to provide you with a complete, safe and made-to-measure service, with the appropriate tools and experienced staff.
Only in this way can we ensure the safety and reliability required for your goods to arrive intact anywhere in the world. For us your goods are valuable.

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