General Terms of Shipments

All our business is transacted exclusively on the basis of the Farosped Srl a socio unico General Terms and Conditions, most recent edition.

Under Clause 12.2 of Farosped General terms and Conditions, liability for damage/loss to goods, even according to art. 1696 of Italian Civil Code and to all applicable International Conventions is limited:

  • 1 EUR/kg for national carriage
  • 2 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights) for sea transport
  • 8,33 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights) for land/rail international and multimodal carriage
  • 22 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights) for air transport (from the 28th of December 2019)

For more information please see the following link:

General Terms of Shipment of Farosped